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Trans Fat

Today, I was sitting in my biology class in a lecture about organic molecules. As I was listening to the fatty acid section, my teacher was telling us about trans fat. Now, I knew trans fat was bad, and I have seen it on nutrition labels, but besides that, I knew nothing.

So listening in after I heard those key words, I found out a few things. First, trans fat is the worst kind of fat you can eat. Although it extends the shelf life of food, it can be very bad. Second, it is a plant lipid that acts like an animal lipid to behave as a saturated fat. The part that is so bad about it is it raises the levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) while also lowering the levels of HDL (good cholesterol). So, when you eat foods with high trans fat, you are increasing your bad cholesterol while also lowering the good stuff…aka…a double whammy.

Did you know that??

Torie Nicholas

  1. Torie,
    I did not know that. Thanks for the lesson.
    You’re right about being a double whammy. It’s one thing to raise the bad cholesterol but to lower the good cholesterol is criminal.

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