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1,000th post on healthy food blog-Circle of Food

Congratulations to us!  (Mary, Cindy, and me-Karyn)

All day long I have been obsessing about making the 1,000th post.

Here are some facts about the Circle of Food blog:

The first post was September 18, 2006. During the rest of the year, we had 320 unique visitors and 31,098 page views. The most popular search term was vegetable soup diet.

In 2007, we had a total of 26,714 unique visitors and 251,626 page views. Some of the most popular search terms in 2007 were low glycemic recipes, mint water recall, chicken marbella, Wonder Bread, Vintabla Tucson, National Tequila Day, and food.

In 2008, Circle of Food had a total of 139,276 unique visitors and 1,721,845 page views. The most popular search terms used to find us were low glycemic recipes, chocolate, healthy Super Bowl recipes, Curtis Stone, patriotic cakes, healthy food blog, healthy, tomato alert, chocolate, campari tomatoes, chicken marabella, Alton Brown oatmeal, vegan pies, and turkey wine pairing.

January 2009 has been busy with the peanut butter recall.

Circle of Food comes to you through the many talents of Mary Johnson who does the brilliant web design and technical magic; Cindy McMahen who spins the SEO wheel; and myself, Karyn Zoldan, SEO web copywriter and foodie extraordinaire.

We are currently fortunate to have Torie Nicholas participating as she gives us a college student’s perspective.

As you can see Circle of Food is ripe with opportunities to promote your food business. Please contact Mary for options.

I feel like breaking out the champagne!

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P.S. Another little know fact: We have never met each other face to face. Mary lives in Dayton, Ohio; Cindy lives in Riverside, Calif; and I, Karyn, live in Tucson, Ariz.

  1. Wow I hadn’t realized it was our 1,000. How time flys, huh? Tha’s not bad growth too, considering this has been a part-time gig as we each work full time in other business ventures. It’s been fun working with you (Mary, Karyn and our other volunteer bloggers), and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish in the upcoming year!

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