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Noshing Around: Tucson, Sur Real (new)

Wow! I just had lunch at Sur Real, a Tucson restaurant, and I am impressed.

Sur Real reigns in the former Soleil location but has had a total surreal makeover of bright but not garish hot Latin colors.

Red prevails on comfortable chairs, in the gaily hued carpet design (along with black, green and blue) which is also the pattern of some table tops in the bar, red cable lights (as well as green) and a red sparkly counter top (think red glittery nail polish). The color and texture scheme literally breathes energy into the space. And in the evening, there’s that great view of dazzling city lights.

The owners of Sur Real also claim the Sam Hughes Place championship dining and Schlomo & Vito’s which is practically across the street on Skyline and Campbell.

I didn’t pick up a menu but from recall, we savored the most delicious crispy calamari appetizer ($11) in Tucson. The calamari was neither greasy nor overly fried. Bits of peppers and onions nestled in the mix along with a light honey lime chile sauce.  My friend BK had been to Sur Real before and ordered the same dish and she wanted it again. It did not disappoint.

We also shared a bowl of shrimp and lobster ceviche ($15) which came with fried plantain strips and bits of avocado, cucumber, and red onion. Another appetizer, the grilled chicken strips ($10) was presented to resemble some  kind of citrus UFO accompanied by an intense orange sauce.

Complimentary chips, salsa, and an addictive black bean sauce was brought to the table initially in lieu of bread.

As with ladies who lunch, we perused the dessert menu because the waiter twisted our arms to order the tres leches cake ($10). BK had eaten this plate of OMG-succulence on her previous visit and said it was the best tres leches cake she ever tasted. I could not resist. Geez! She was right.

They brought packaged mini taco fortune cookies with the check. Oddly enough, my cookie had no fortune. I wonder what that means?

It was a very positive experience on many levels. I will go back – hopefully soon. They have a happy hour from 3 to 6 p.m. on weekdays with $5 tapas and all kinds of drink specials. That sounds like dinner to me.

Sur Real is located at 3001 E. Skyline Drive, suite 133, 529-2644.

Sur Real doesn’t have a website or I would link there. If they read this and want one, let me know.

  1. It’s nice that you know how to write in English but writing a restaurant review you do not.

    Please don’t say the sauce was “addictive” without describing it in any way. None of us care what drugs you’re addicted to, except your mother, who other than me is the only reader of your blog. We care about descriptions of the sauce.

    Don’t tell us it was great “on many levels” without saying what those levels were or why it was great. Maybe you just get knee-slappin’ excited climbing stairs and you count those as many levels.

    I know, be gentle, after all you just graduated high school last year and this is your first big outing on the Intertubes. You’re going to make it rich with your google-ads. (Did you try selling “Sham-Wow” first?)

    Why not rewrite this (that’s “click the edit button”) so that you actually DESCRIBE the food, DESCRIBE the service, DESCRIBE the ambience, DESCRIBE the problems or highlights, and DESCRIBE the overall experience (and no, not on “many levels” *LOL*).

    BTW They do have a website. Feel free to use google to find it.

    Best of luck, and I hope that when you enter ITT Tech or the University of Phoenix you pay more attention to your studies than you did in writing a … um… er… well I can’t call this a review. Let’s just call it a Flacid Blog.


  2. Methinks, it’s a taste of sour grapes from Evan & Mark. No doubt you are frustrated foodies or perhaps you work for a competing restaurant. In my experience, usually when somone critics my critic with such a tone, it usually means the latter.

    This was a good review. The “many levels” had already been discussed. Read more carefully, please

    Why don’t you guys try it,? Reviewing I mean. Really, let’s see your stuff.

  3. Seriously Mark… What’s with the ego trip? I thought it was a nice review, i’m sure she’s super bummed that it didnt impress you or make it into the Daily Star. Normal people write normal reviews. We cant all be as enlightened as you… And your pima college education cannot be masked with a few big words and distain for University of Phoenix and ITT…
    Yours truly,
    The King Of All Restaurant Reviews…

  4. wow all this just for a coment on a new restaurant? you all should be concerned about where your next meal is coing to come from not about what others write! The econmy stinks and we are all happy that a new place has the moxy to actually open its doors. you cant afford to eat there anyway, so it really is no suprise that you are bashing people who can and then want to share the experience with others.. ID10T

  5. I am a loyal follower of your blog and no, I am not Karyn’s mother. Such diverse opinions on this post! Great theater. Let it all hang out. Kudos to you for keeping them all in their raw form.

    Nonya, honey. I can feel your anger. You really must be suffering from the economy. You are not alone. Hang in there. We’ll make it through. John-Boy did.

  6. I don’t know who you are, Mark, but I know a few things: you are a coward, who gratuitously and anonymously attacks, and a troll — a sad, creepy little person. If Karyn’s site isn’t worth reading, why are you there? You have nothing constructive to say and your writing isn’t stellar either. Talk about flaccid — which, incidentally, you misspelled. I suspect that’s your problem; why else do need to assert your big, bad masculinity?

    And only someone who has nothing to say feels the need to capitalize. Bad netiquette, Mark. But you’re such an expert on the internet. Surely you should know that.

    And Sur Real’s website isn’t up yet, Mark. So you’re not accurate, either. Just sad and creepy.

  7. Until Mark learns how to spell flaccid, I’m not even going to pay attention to his comments.

    Sur Real catered Commerce Bank of Arizona’s last night and they did a fantastic job. I’m excited to try their food at the restaurant soon.

  8. MARK,

    I just wanted you to know that I loved your review of the reviewer.

    You were absolutely correct and I really enjoyed reading your take on the author.

    Your comments were very addictive and I loved them ……..


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