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Super Bowl Food for Pittsburgh Fans

I’m a bit torn between rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers since I grew up near Pittsburgh and think it’s a rockin’ city.  The New York Times recently wrote an article how Pittsburgh seems to be the only Midwest city to be growing with a solid economy while every other Midwest city is having hard times.

But I live in Arizona and should root for the Arizona Cardinals because it’s good for the local economy and people really need a mind and money boost.

In reality it’s a moot point, because I don’t care about sports and football in general.

Pittsburgh like Philly is famous for their sandwiches. Pittsburgh unlike Philly has Primanti Brothers sandwiches.

The Food Network once did a segment on the Primanti Bros. sandwiches and I wanted to reach into the TV and pull it out.

The next time I flew into the  Pittsburgh airport, my brother and I went to find a Primanti Brothers location.

They put french fries and coleslaw (and onions by request) on their sandwiches not on the plate. You put your entire big mouth around it all and it all tastes good.

I suggest if you’re going to have a Super Bowl party, you make the fixings for sandwiches and top them with coleslaw and french fries and wash it down with some Rolling Rock beer.

It doesn’t get any better than that. Go Steelers!

What other foods are Pittsburgh fans going to serve? Please leave a comment.

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