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Noshing Around: Tucson Weekend

This past weekend my friend Lee from Los Angeles visited and we noshed around Tucson.

We began with late lunch at Feast on Thursday. Around 2 p.m., Feast was about half full (if you’re an optimist like I am) or half empty, if you’re a pessimist. We both ordered a cup of soup of the day — Cuban bean which was redolent of Cuban spices and beans and generous chunks of pork. He ordered a sandwich of some sort and I enjoyed the roast beet salad with a wedge of brie.

On Friday, we went to Terra Cotta for dinner. The parking lot was jammed although most of the people were in the bar, the restaurant portion was about three-quarters full. We both ordered beers and he ordered the tortilla soup. I think he ordered maple breast of duck (I don’t like duck) and I ordered the goat cheese prawns which I’ve ordered before and the dish did not disappoint.

Since Lee is a foodie, I took him to AJ’s Fine Foods which rivals anything in L.A. and overtakes the has-been Bristol Farms. We wandered around the store admiring the displays and bought two desserts — a miniature fruit tart which almost looked like a painting in its colorful perfection plus a serving of s’mores.

On Saturday we went downtown for Hotel Congress’ celebration of Dillinger Days. I have never seen those many people downtown so that was a good thing. We ended up eating lunch at the new Burger City. BC is a poor man’s Zinburger and that’s not a bad thing. The restaurant was full with a constant stream of people coming and going. Lee loved his Mimbres burger and I, too, was satisfied by the generous serving of grilled vegetables on a bun.

Saturday night, I was invited to the 5th anniversary of Frankie’s Cheesesteaks. Although there were no cheesesteaks in sight we did sup on a generous buffet of salads, ribs from Acacia, and delicious raviolis.

Sunday on the way to the airport, Lee wanted to return to Frankie’s for a cheesesteak and he was not disappointed. My chicken with peppers sandwich was delicious. While there, Frankie was on the Food and Wine Radio Network.

It was a long fun weekend but I need to go back to eating more vegetables and salads and get my lazy self back to the gym.

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