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Bananas.. are they healthy?

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Ever since I was young, I grew up on the basis of knowing to eat my fruits and vegetables. I was told that they were healthy and would make me a more nutritious healthy girl. But now, I have heard different things. First, bananas are bad? I have recently heard bananas are the worst fruit to eat because they are full of calories, and prevent your body from burning food after your meal, thus slowing your metabolism. I thought this was very interesting and was wondering what others had to say about bananas.
Maybe I really should stop eating bananas. Until recently, I thought for the most part, fruit was fruit, and it was healthy. Does anyone have a list of the healthiest fruits?

Torie Nicholas

  1. I think everyone has gone through the “bananas are bad” phase only to realize that it is silly to cut them out of your life altogether.

    Yes they have more calories than other fruit, depending upon their size. My solution to this is to just cut a banana in half (with the skin still on) and eat half the calories. The open end of the uneaten portion will form a scab which can be cut off when you are ready to eat it.

    Bananas also have lots of potassium — something I remember my mother-in-law being told to eat by her doctor because of a potassium deficiency.

    We need to eat a variety of foods because of the different vitamins and minerals that they give our bodies. So, enjoy your bananas and stop worrying.

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