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What’s for inaugural lunch?

The inaugural luncheon is designed after what Lincoln ate. The menu seems kind of rich — seafood stew with puff pastry, pheasant and duck with molasses sweet potatoes and winter vegetables, and apple sponge cake with creme sauce plus bubbly and wine. 

Here are the recipes.

And this is just lunch. There are 10 gala balls to attend to.

The role of president and first lady is one of endurance.

I heard on TV last night that presidents age and twice the rate as us average beings. So George W. Bush aged 16 years in his eight years.

I wonder how Obama will balance family with all the problems facing the American people?

As for me, last night a friend and I went to the Black & White Ball that benefited the Community Food Bank. People were dressed in black and white semi formal attire and got up en masse to learn how to dance the Obama hustle. It was great fun and the room was filled with hope. I left at 10 p.m. and people were still rocking on.

Happy New Year and this time I mean it!

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