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My So-Called Meatless Month

Unfortunately I fell off the meatless wagon.

Last week I was invited to an event and there was ham, steak, and Italian cold cuts. I would’ve starved if I did not eat any meat.

Then I went to Saffron and we had chicken masala and a spicy lamb dish.

I went out to breakfast and had a strip of bacon.

However, I have not eaten meat at home and continue to eat a lot of vegetables, eggs, cheese, tofu and beans. I don’t miss the meat at home. There are plenty of substitutes.

Tomorrow – January 20 — the inauguration party that I’m going to will be serving Chicago style hot dogs and and some American as applie pie potluck items.

It should be fun.

I feel like saying Happy New Year because in essence, it is.

  1. I find that the more I try to cook and eat meatless, the more of it I eat. When I just go with the flow it seems that many of my meals are meatless.
    You can’t pass up those Chicago hot dogs! They are the best in the world. Have a blast at the inauguration party.

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