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Healthy Food Blog: Peanut Butter Recall

This peanut butter recall is really spreading. According to the latest reports which seem to change several times a day, over 465 people have contracted salmonella food poisoning and six have died. I think those six were elderly. The elderly are affected by food poisoning more so than the average healthy person.

So far they think the source is from the Peanut Corporation of America’s Georgia location.

Not only is various sizes of peanut butter containers to numerous institutions affected but the peanut butter and peanut butter paste (sounds ghastly) are found in all kinds of products from peanut butter crackers to peanut butter cookies to ice cream products laced with peanut sauce to peanut butter candies — all sold to consumers.

I wonder if the tainted peanut paste or peanut butter is in salad dressings, prepared Thai or Indonesian foods, and dog treats? I hope not!

I hope baby food doesn’t have peanut butter anything.

  1. You’re on top of the important news Karyn, as usual. It was on the news tonight here that popular brands like Little Debbie and Keebler are pulling their products with peanut butter. Check out the FDA site for more reports.

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