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Noshing Around: Tucson-Artful Burger (new)

There’s a new restaurant in downtown Tucson called Burger City. It’s where art meets burgers.

While not a totally imaginative name, Burger City has some terrific attributes:

1) It opened downtown. Downtown has not been very friendly to its businesses as of late what with the challenging construction;

2) It opened in ArtFare, a non-profit space on Sixth Avenue that spans from Pennington to Congress Street;

3) The chef and manager have cooked around town in some delicious places like NoRTH in the upscale La Encantada Shopping Center; 

4) They are giving back to the community by supporting the arts; and

5) There’s a pickle bar. I love pickles!

Although I haven’t eaten at Burger City yet, the menu looks yummy and there are vegetarian options. They just put up their first blog post which talks a little bit about who they are. Check it out.

From personal experience, I believe that cities (especially urban downtowns) should cherish their artists and cultivate them. Artists bring a sense of creativity and energy to an area. With artists, com cafes and art galleries and one-of-a-kind shopping districts and builds community through projects.

What a wonderful place downtown Tucson could be.

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