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January 20 – Inauguration Food

Only nine more days and it’s in with the new and hope, and out with the old and well,you get it.

I’m hoping people all over the land will celebrate in some way or another.

As you can imagine people in D.C., Virginia, and Maryland will be doing a lot of partying. Over 100 bars in D.C. requested that the bars be open later than usual and applied for extended hour liquor licenses.

If I were hosting an inauguration party, I would make Chicago-style hot dogs for Obama since he hails from Chicago.

I would add a big tropical fruit salad to honor Obama’s Hawaiian roots.  As for Joe Biden from Delaware, he said Delaware doesn’t have a state dish but his favorite food is homemade pot pie.

Michelle Obama likes comfort food and french fries. She must have a great metabolism or do tremendous exercise workouts. Let’s compromise and have baked sweet potato fries with various dipping sauces.

For the kids in the crowd, what about patriotic cupcakes?

And for the initial toast, French champagne because now that Europe elected Obama long before the U.S., we are all on better terms plus wines from California and the Pacific Northwest. 

People who gather to have house parties or in restaurants are urged to bring canned food for the homeless.

So, are you having an inauguration party? And if so, what will you be serving?

This is what the Huffington-Post recommends. And here’s what they’ll be eating in Richmond, Virginia.

  1. Hello-
    I’m throwing an Inaugural Bash tomorrow evening from 5-9 pm. My menu is:

    * Signature event drink: “Barack On The Rocks” (from http://www.TheNibble.com)
    * California wines and American beers
    * “Blue State Cheese Plate” (assorted American cheeses)
    * “Election Eggs” (deviled eggs with a twist)

    * “Obama Turkey Chili” (his own recipe) with asstd. toppings
    * “Heartland Corn Muffins” (corn muffins)
    * “Presidential Pizzas” (cut into small pieces)
    * “Inauguration Salad” (California organic green salad)
    * “Barack Slaw” (cole slaw)

    * “American Apple Pie” ala mode

    We’ll watch the replay of the Inauguration coverage, play “Obama Inaugural Bingo” and enjoy being together to celebrate this amazing time in our history!

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