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Golden Globe Awards Menu and Sea Bass

I was looking at the menu for the Golden Globe Awards this Sunday on January 11 and I noticed that sea bass was on the menu.

Specifically, one of the menu items is “sautéed aromatic Asian spice marinated sea bass in a sherry wine Yuzu pepper sauce.”

I thought that sea bass was endangered. I looked it up, and no, that’s not quite the case, although it is on the way to being over fished.

Along the way, I learned a few things: Chilean sea bass is not from Chile. Because the fish are slow to mature they are easy prey. There has been a steady decline in the sea bass population which has encouraged poaching.

In other words sea bass is over fished and on the way to being endangered but is not labeled that as now. 

I wonder at what point, it crosses over the line to endangered?

Consumers are being asked to conserve on sea bass and choose an alternate fish.

Now you would think with all the various activists in Hollywood, someone would say to the chef, pick a more readily available fish.

After all, those size zero stars are not going to actually eat the food anyway.

Even in this dire economy, I’m happy to see the glitz and glamour of Hollywood lining the red carpet with excess. But let’s be politically correct about soon to be endangered fish, okay?

  1. You always make me chuckle: “size zero stars are not going to eat the food anyway”. Love it.

    Interesting post. I believe shark is in the same category. You used to see it on menus all the time. Not anymore.

    Maybe if Brad Pitt and Angelina Joli got behind the sea bass cause, people would follow. We are such sheep.

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