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The 10 Best Foods!

I was looking online and found a very interesting article. It describes the 10 best foods that we are currently not eating a lot of and tells us why they are good for us. I thought you would want to take a look at this..

The Ten Best Foods You Aren’t Eating!

1. Beets

2. Cabbage

3. Guava

4. Swiss Chard

5. Cinnamon

6. Purslane

7. Pomegranate juice

8. Goji Berries

9. Dried Plums

10. Pumpkin Seeds

Torie Nicholas

  1. Torie,
    Thanks for the post. I was intrigued.
    I went to read the whole article. I had no clue what purslane was but I might try to find it.
    Goji berries, you can find at Trader Joe’s.
    Maybe I’ll buy a bag of prepared coleslaw and make some next week with a light dressing. I know cabbage is good for me but resist eating it.

  2. I buy head cabbage and make vegetable soup in the winter. In the summer, I buy red cabbage and make a healthy cole slaw with canned pineapple and the natural juice from the can (instead of mayo) along with shredded carrots, shredded dried coconut, nuts, cinnamon, nutmeg and other things. Everybody loves it.

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