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Cookie Diet – Woman Loses 120 Pounds

Okay, I’ll bite.

Normally, I wouldn’t post this but I’ve read about the Cookie Diet ™ before and now it’s on the cover of People magazine.  Kudos to Ms. Raper who is a fellow Arizonan who lost 120 pounds. What a transformation!

34 years ago, a Miami doctor created these cookies for his patients. Dr. Siegal’s cookies — which he still claims to mix every batch himself along with his wife’s help — supress hunger yet are filled with a secret protein rich formula (that tastes good too). 

He sounds like the good cookie monster.

Check out the Cookie Diet . It’s probably more palatable than eating brussel sprouts.

  1. I have tried both cookies the Dr. Siegal cookies and Smart for Life cookies. I have to tell you that the Smart for Life cookies taste way better. They are 60% organic and k-dairy, which was a plus for me. They also have muffins, shakes, soups, bagels which are all delicious. The program is perfect for me because I am always on the go. It totally fits my lifestyle like no other program has. I carry my cookies around with my bottle water and I am set for the day. In the evening I have a sensible meal and I have to tell you that I have lost 35 pounds and feel great! I recommend Smart for Life to anyone that is wanting to shed the pounds eating cookies! Eat cookies, lose weight. It’s that simple!

  2. This was a fortunate find as I think my readers might like to know of a tasty alternative to Dr Seigals but of course everyone’s pallet is different and what might be tasty to one person is not necessarily tasty to another 🙂

  3. The Smart For Life cookie diet has helped me dramatically i lost 45 lbs in just 4 months. There product is 66% organic and they have a variety of foods so you wont get board. Check out there website its smartforlifedietcookie.com

  4. I too checked out their website at smartforlifedietcookie.com and got on the smart for life program. Their food are 66% organic and are so much more than just cookies. They have a great variety, I never get bored. I have lost 32 pounds in 2 months. I have 58 more to go and feel very motivated.

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