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Hamburger, Hamburger, Meatless in Tucson

The last few weeks have been filled with hamburgers.

It started with Terra Cotta’s $5 hamburger special during happy hour. Then I went back on Christmas Eve and again earlier this week with different friends who all wanted that burger deal.

This is the best burger in Tucson; it comes with blue cheese and caramelized onions and fries with their skins on.

Then I went to Zinburger on a Saturday but ate a turkey burger with Swiss cheese, avocado and mayo. Yum. No fries.

On the night before New Year’s Eve, a friend asked me to meet her at Bob Dobb’s to share a burger and fries. That was a good idea to share because the burger was huge (two patties). She asked for the fries extra crispy and they were indeed. Even the tomato slice was perfect.

After that last burger, I made the decision to not eat meat during January.

Radical, I know but I will eat more fish and more vegetables and introduce some tofu. I’m still eating eggs, dairy, and cheese.

So stay tuned.

I think giving up meat will be easier than giving up sugar but I could be wrong.  I eat a lot of chicken and turkey but will try to give that up also for January.

I will just have to be more creative in the kitchen…

While some are sleepless in Seattle, in January Igo meatless in Tucson.

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