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Bad Cereal Choice: Natural Granola

Does granola have a bad rap?

It depends. If you make your own and know what goes in it, that’s OK.

But if you buy Quakers 100% Natural Granola Oats & Honey , you’re in for a big shock. You might as well eat a candy bar.

It’s funny how we somehow trust the Quakers brand but in this case, we would be led astray because in one cup you get 420 calories, 13 grams of fat (6.5 of which are saturated) and 26.4 grams of sugar.

That’s a lot of bad stuff for breakfast cereal.

Today I was reading an article online in Men’s Health about the 10 Worst Foods in the supermarket and the Quakers 100% Natural Granola was on the list.

I went to the Quaker Oats website to check it out for myself. The weirdest thing is there is no nutritional information listed for any of the Quaker cereal products. All I could read is the advertising copy. I really think since more and more people read labels they should not have to contact the company for that readily available information.

The website is a maze of confusion.

I did find the information elsewhere and this is for a half cup serving. Who eats a half cup of cereal? Most cereals are 2/3, 3/4, or one cup servings.

After the holidays I will go into a grocery store and look at a box and report back as to the “natural” ingredients. Hopefully, there’s no multi-syllabic chemical sounding names in the product.

I would like to know what makes it “natural” and why?

If you have a recipe for granola, please share it.

  1. hey I did buy the ceral because it all made sense quaker=health. But scary when I started to read all the nutrition label. Big mistake not to have done that at the store. I would not have bought it. No wonder it was buy one get one free. It is 1/2 cup serving and 6 grams of fat 3.5 being saturated. I could not believe my eyes and by then I was eating it already and felt so guilty. I guess if it counts there is 5 grams of protein per serving.I would have enjoyed a chocolate bar a whole lot better. Now I’m stuck with two boxes that I would not want my kids to eat.

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