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Viking Stoves

Everyone has a stove in their kitchen, but there are numerous kinds of stoves made. From Kenmore to LG, they all basically do the same thing. But at our house, we have a Viking stove. These stoves are very high quality and cook like a pro.

Besides having the stove top, which has four burners, there is a griddle and a grill on the top as well. This makes it very easy to make meat on the grill for healthier meat without cooking with oils, as well as making eggs and breakfast on the griddle. Also, there are two ovens for cooking, one convection oven and one large oven. This stove makes cooking healthy easy and is something nice to have!

Torie Nicholas

  1. I think the Viking Stove can let you cook more food at once. For example, the mutiple ovens, and four stove tops burners. I do think they look nice and if you enjoy cooking a lot, it might be worth it, but for the average cooker, probably not.

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