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Tomatoes: Health Benefits and Soup Recipe

I love a good tomato. Anyone who has ever eaten a tomato fresh from the garden knows what a good tomato tastes like. There is no better flavor on earth.

Good tomatoes are hard to find in the middle of winter.

Hothouse tomatoes are probably the best way to get a good tomato this time of year.

I recently bought a box of Eurofresh hot house tomatoes on the vine and have been eating them daily with some chopped fresh basil (growing in a pot by my front door) drizzled with really good olive oil and sprinkled with kosher salt and freshly ground pepper.

Yum! Because everything is fresh and at its peak — a little bit goes a long way in satisfaction.

Tomatoes have numerous healthful properties such as vitamin C, antioxidants, are beneficial in fighting colon and prostrate cancer, and more.

Here’s a delicious sounding tomato soup recipe – Emeril’s roasted tomato soup drizzled with herb oil.  

Do you have any tomato soup recipes that you want to share?

  1. Personally I never eat a tomato unless it is homegrown. The store bought tomatoes just don’t taste the same. I grow tomatoes every summer and freeze lots of them to last through the winter to add to soups and make salsa.

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