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Tis the Season for Eggnog

Tis the season for eggnog. Is it healthy? No way. But Circle of Food is about moderation.

Go ahead and cave into your eggnog craving. Just don’t drink the entire quart.

For some reason, I can take eggnog or leave it. I rather have a mug of hot wine grog.

I have seen prepared lowfat eggnog in the dairy case so there’s probably something for everyone.

Here’s a lowfat eggnog recipe that uses egg substitute and fat free evaporated milk.

There’s even an eggless eggnog or vegan eggnog.


  1. I like egg nog, but one small cup is enough for me for the season. As you say — too many calories. Be sure to check the label and avoid those with high fructose corn syrup. It’s just a cheap substitute for the real thing. Don’t settle for anything else, if you are going for the full monty.

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