Where Local and Global Appetites Collide

Dining Dilemmas and Food Intolerance

I go out to eat frequently. I don’t spend my money on golfing or gambling but like to dine out.

I’m fortunate to have a large circle of dining buddies but more and more I notice that people have a lot of food-related restrictions.

Some people don’t eat red meat, any meat, spicy food, shellfish, garlic and onions, wheat, dairy, caffeine, eggs, nuts, soy, grapefruit, sugar, vinegar, MSG, nitrates, beans, and ham or bacon.

People are vegetarian, vegan, kosher, lactose-intolerant, gluten-intolerant, diabetic.

People are counting carbs, calories, fat grams, and points.

People don’t eat meat because of high cholesterol or animal ethics. People don’t eat spicy foods because of heartburn. People don’t eat dairy because of allergies, animal ethics, and gastrointestinal problems.

People don’t eat soy because of allergies and certain health conditions. People don’t eat grapefruit because it interferes with certain medications. Eggs also cause pause for vegans and people with allergies. 

Nuts and shellfish can kill people sensitive those allergens. Nitrates in bacon and red wine cause problems to people who are sensitive.  

At what point did we go from being able to eat and drink anything to being fearful about putting food in our mouths?

Why all of sudden or in the past 3 to 5 years has this explosion of particularities surfaced? It’s just not happening to the baby boomer crowd but to people of all ages who have developed an intolerance.

Is it from pesticides?

Is it from additives?

Are we a narcissistic society that thrives on finding something to dislike and focus our feelings on?

(I am not pointing fingers against vegetarians or vegans.)

As for me, I like most food. I try to eat healthy and probably succeed 85 percent of the time. I have learned which foods are too rich for me — cheesecake and pasta Alfredo — and don’t go there. I’m not particularly fond of the herb, sage. I never drink homogenized milk unless it’s laced with a good quality bourbon or Kaluha.

What about you?

Have you developed an intolerance to a specific food?

Are you allergic to a food that you used to eat without problems?

Have you changed your lifestyle as to what foods you eat? Why?

  1. well recently ive developed an intolerance to spicy food. i noticed it when i ate a pizza that had jalapino peppers on it…about 15mins after eating it..i got REALLY bad cramps in my belly…so sore! then i had to run to the toilets had had bad diareah (spelt wrong!) i thought i must of just had a bad pizza…but then a week later i was goin to a pussycat dolls concert. and in the venue i had nandos with some spicy chicken wings (i do love my spicy food)… i ate this 15mins before i went into the arena… as pcd’s support act was on which was neyo…i started to get them really painfull cramps again…so sore i thought i was gonna pass out….then i felt like i couldnt hold it anymore and ran to the disabled toilets as i was too embarrised to go into the ladies with lots of girls in there that would hear me! i was in there for 20mins missing neyo’s singing! i am so gutted that all this is because of spicy foods…why cant i have an intolerance to something i dont like!! ?

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