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Separation Anxiety: Cast Iron Frying Pan

Many years ago I was involved with a man who lived quite simply. He disdained possessions and his were few.

Our love was not meant to be.

When we separated after quasi living together for 2+ years, I packed up his stuff and left it on the front porch.

I did not pack his cast iron frying pan.

I loved the frying pan more than him.

He came and picked up his stuff but the next day called to inquire where his frying pan was.

I told him that I was keeping it as a memento of our failed relationship.

He said, “No, you are not.”

We dickered back and forth for 20 minutes until I relented. After all, it was his frying pan to begin with, I told myself. And if I didn’t give it to him, he would probably bug me for days on end.

While most couples fight about the car or the sound system, we quibbled about a cast iron frying pan that used to belong to his mother.

I lovingly put the frying pan on the front porch and heard him come and get it. He tapped on the door and said, “thank you.”

Goodbye and good riddens I thought.

In the years past I haven’t thought about Mr. Smith (yes, that was his real name) much but I did wonder about his frying pan. He effortlessly made some of the most delicious omelets in that pan.

Do you have a kitchen appliance or tool that you simply cannot part with?

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