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Searing Steak Tips

While the weather outside is icy cold, nobody wants to stand around the grill and expose it to the elements all in the name of steak.

Fear not. With the sleek George Foreman Grill with Steak Surge and Searing, you can have your steak and eat it too just the way you like it.

After all the secret to a good steak is in the searing or so shares Bob, a chef friend of mine. Bob also says that steaks must be at room temperature before rendez-vous-ing with the grill — otherwise the steak seizes, becomes tough, and contracts, regardless of cost. Sear the steak quickly on a high temperature then turn down the heat. When a piece of meat sticks to the grill, leave it. When it’s ready to be turned over, it will become unstuck.

Surprise your guests this season with a perfectly grilled steak dinner and they will look at you through cabernet colored glasses.

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