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Heart Rate Monitor for Women. Great for Exercise and Fitness

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OK. It’s the holiday season and there is no end in sight for the parties and the food and the good cheer. But that does not mean that you can’t still enjoy yourself. Everything in moderation – that is my motto.

So. How can you stay up-beat and continue your commitment to a healthy lifestyle with all the food temptations? You start NOW to get back to exercising.

Admit it. You’ve put it on hold for the holidays – or at least cut back.

The secret to not gaining weight over the holidays is to work-off those excess calories. I gained 5 pounds the three weeks around Thanksgiving but quickly got back on track to shed those unwanted pounds by increasing my exercise and cutting out “bad little habits” that had crept back into my life. For instance, I was eating a square of dark chocolate every day. I’ve cut back on that.

But any old workout won’t do the trick. If you are going to put your time into a workout, then make sure it’s worthy of your time. And the only way to do that is to get your heart rate up. Leisurly walk won’t do it.

I love to walk but I don’t trust myself to be disciplined enough to push myself hard enough when I take my walks. Instead, I’ve been going to the gym and use the heart rate monitors that are on the equipment.

Well, I am going to fix that. This year for Christmas, I am asking for a heart rate monitor. Here is the one that I want Santa to bring me. It is a heart rate monitor for women and is as cute as a button with its berry color. What the heart rate monitor will do is free me from the gym and let me get back to the walking outside that I love. It will beep if I fall below my target heart rate.

A great book that explains why keeping your heart at a target heart rate for a prolonged time is so important is Younger Next Year – which I heartily recommend reading.

As Spock would say, “Live long and prosper.”

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