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Gaining Weight – Even Oprah Gained Weight

Oprah (no last name needed) is one of the world’s most powerful and rich women.

When she announces a book that she likes, two weeks later it’s a best seller. If she announces a product she likes, the demand exceeds the supply.

Yep, she’s powerful.

And she is also vulnerable.

Oprah just announced that she has fallen off the eating healthy wagon and has gained 40 pounds and now weighs 200 pounds.

Of course, TV doesn’t lie but she could ignore it but has chosen to address it, which is why her fans adore her. She is not afraid to be vulnerable. Powerful people don’t usually show that side publicly or privately.

 I find that going from summer to fall and fall to winter is a particularly dangerous time to gain weight. People wear more clothes during those seasons and somehow eating tends to make us feel less cold and more content. 

Weight loss happens during the transition from winter to spring and spring to summer where people are outdoors more, perhaps more active, and wearing less clothes.

Also October, November, December and January tend to revolve around Halloween candy, Thanksgiving, holiday parties and lots of fattening food at the office, and Super Bowl.  Although people go diets during the first of the year by the end of January, they have fallen off the wagon.

Do not despair. It’s human. No lecture here.

Please share your weight woes.

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