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Sorry Girl Scouts – Store Bought Baked Goods Don’t Send the Same Message

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Girl Scouts Donate Baked Goods to Police & Fire Departments in Ohio

I picked up an issue of our local community paper yesterday and saw a front-page photo of Girl Scouts from Beavercreek Ohio Cadette Troop 30088 standing, holding cakes in plastic containers with price tags on them. The caption said the girls “recently delivered baked goods to the Beavercreek Police Department and the local fire stations to thank them for their service to the community”.

Although their hearts are in the right place and they did follow through on the task, there is a BIG difference between giving store-bought cakes and baking cakes from scratch.

To me, the shortest thing in supply is time and when you give your time to bake something homemade, you are truly giving something of value that will be appreciated as being something special.

I was a Girl Scout from elementary through college and I continue to support the organization, so I am very pro-Girl Scouts. I earned lots of badges, including the ones they had for cooking. This would have been a great opportunity for the leaders to discuss with the girls the “hidden” message behind their gift. I was appalled that the Girl Scouts from this troop were not aware that this is the lazy-girl’s way of doing things.

But I shouldn’t be too harsh on them, because I think it is a criticism of our society as a whole. I belong to a garden club and over the past 20 years, I have seen a decline in the number of homemade items that the hostesses serve at our meetings.

There is nothing like homemade! Please keep this in mind when you are entertaining this holiday season.

  1. A lot of places like schools and community office buildings have changed the rules and all food given must be store bought. I know in Texas a ban has been placed in schools because of accidental poisonings. Maybe that’s why the items were store bought and not homemade.

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