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Maxwell’s: A college place to gather

Maxwell’s, located in Toledo, Ohio near the university is a cute little place to go and eat. Even though they are known for their cheap $1 draft beers, and hookah, their food is always tasty and I can enjoy myself.

Last night, I went there to eat with some of my friends. One of my favorite features about the menu is that they have so many different types of food. Besides the normal sandwiches and burgers, they have Mediterranean food, salads and even killer desserts.

I ended up ordering stuffed grape leaves and they were amazing. Not only was it a huge order of them, enough for my friends and me to share, but it was also very tasty and nutritious. Besides the leaves, which had a lot of nutrients, it was stuffed with rice and other ingredients. They were worth the money and I was very satisfied with my meal.

If you’re ever in the Toledo area, try Maxwell’s!….

                                                                                      and if you’re 21, beer is only $1!

Torie Nicholas

  1. It’s funny you ask because a lot of people I talk to have never heard of it before. Basically, hookah is flavored tobacco smoked out of a pipe. It is legal as long as you are 18 and is not very much different from smoking. The difference is though that it does not taste bad, or make you smell like smoke. It is just a very different experience.

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