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Chili’s: a great experience

 I went to Chili’s restaurant last night. I have not been there for a couple years, but was surprised with some of the items on the menu.

Of course not every item is healthy, but mine was very tasty and on the lighter side. I ordered a chicken wrap. Although it had dressing, it was only a little, and this wrap contained not too much bread, healthy white meat grilled chicken, and lettuce. This wrap was so delicious and worth my wait. As a side, I got broccoli, but there were many other options to choose from.

On the broccoli, i used lemon…have you ever put lemon on broccoli? It is amazing and enhances the taste without having to put butter on it, and add fat.

I was greatly surprised with my Chili’s experience, and I will be sure to go back.

Torie Nicholas

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