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Magic Bullet: Life made easy!

Since I am a college student and live in the dorm, I do not have lots of room to store my things. I have a meal plan and eat at the cafeterias most of the time, but there are still snacks and breakfast I eat in my room.

I was mostly eating fruit, cereal and granola bars in the morning or for snacks, but I wanted a little something more…. my answer was the magic bullet.

I had always seen this product on TV, but it is honestly too good to be true. I decided to buy one for my dorm, and I love love love it!

The magic bullet takes up the same room as a cup on a counter. It is small, easy to  handle, and makes a lot for great healthy recipes. I just got it a week ago, but I have already made a few things.

My favorite item I made so far was a smoothie. This was so easy, took less than 10 seconds, and tasted amazing. I got the fruit, ice and juice from my cafeteria. This smoothie was so fresh, juicy and contained lots of vitamins.

This weekend I am going to try making fresh salsa with fresh tomatoes, cilantro and onions. I am so excited to try new things with my bullet and it was the best money I spent!

Torie Nicholas

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