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Finishing Salts of the Earth

In a nutshell: Here’s a press release from Marx Foods. CoF has not tried the product but it sounds interesting especially the part of adding finishing salt to chocolate mousse.

MarxFoods is giving away a Collection of Ritrovo Premium Finishing Salts. All you have to do is visit their blog from December 1 – 5, and leave a comment telling which one of their flight of seven salts will go the quickest in your household. A winner will be chosen by random and announced on Monday, December 8.
“These salt collections are a cutting edge condiment,” said Justin Marx, CEO of MarxFoods. “It’s incredible how literally a pinch of fine salt, sprinkled over dishes ranging from wild salmon to chocolate mousse, can add complexity and balance to the flavor profile of a dish.”
A set of seven Ritrovo Fine Finishing Salts was just added to MarxFoods. Marx went on to say, “We’re really excited about these exquisite Italian products, the combinations are literally the most exciting “salts” we’ve ever tasted and the range of applications and flavor profiles would get any chef excited.”
What does one do with seven types of salt and how do you know which one would be devoured the quickest at your house?
Truffle & Salt: A blend of dried Italian black truffle and sea salt, this flavor combination will enhance any dish with the aroma and flavor of Italian truffles including popcorn, mashed potatoes, pasta dishes, scrambled eggs and roasted meats.
Fiori & Salt: An aromatic and beautiful blend of Italian sea salt and flowers including chamomile, poppy, mallow, marigold, lime, hawthorn, yarrow, wild orange peel, flower pollen, heather and lavender. This combination is a wonderful way to infuse olive oils, sprinkle over fresh mozzarella, finish cream soups and risotto or bake into breads.
Fennel & Salt: A combination of sea salt, fennel seed and orange peel this blend pairs well with sweet and savory dishes including wild salmon, goat cheese, chocolate truffles or caramel.
Sweet & Salt: A sweet and savory blend of Italian sea salt, dried & ground fruit, sweet spices, vanilla, chocolate and grape must, this combination pairs well with both aromatic and dessert dishes. Sweet & salt can be used as a rub for duck or pork, sprinkled on roasted squash, pumpkin soup, or buttery shortbread cookies. 
Saffron & Salt: Red strands of saffron are blended with sea salt resulting in a flavor profile that is perfect for finishing paella, cioppino, pasta or fresh ricotta.
Sea & Salt: A combination of high-quality Sicilian bottarga, citrus, sun-dried tomato, and cardamom, this blend is ideal with pasta, steamed vegetables or used to cure seafood and enhance salad dressings.
Limited Edition Salt: From Cervia salt pans, this Italian moist fleur de sel is the crème de la crème of sea salts. With a light texture and rich flavor this salt can be used to finish meat, poultry and fruit dishes as well as sweets including white chocolate chip cookies and caramel chocolate combinations.
After mulling over the descriptions and serving suggestions, visit the MarxFoods.com blog and enter to win the collection.
The applications are endless. Here’s a recipe for incorporating Truffle & Salt in spinach salad.
Fresh Cheese Truffled Spinach Salad with Truffle Butter Crostini
One cup fresh mozzarella di bufala
6 cups fresh spinach
¼ cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
½ tsp. Truffle & Salt
1 tsp. of your favorite vinegar
Chop cheese into a small dice and place in a bowl with oil, vinegar, and truffle salt. Allow the cheese to sit for about half an hour, permitting the flavors to blend. Wash and dry spinach. Place the cheese-vinaigrette mixture in a bowl and toss with greens.
Serve immediately with:
Truffle Salt Butter Crostini
Mix softened sweet butter with truffle salt.
Toast or grill one-inch slices of rustic bread and spread with the truffled butter.
Marx Foods.com, headquartered in Seattle, Wash. is an online specialty food company dedicated to bringing the highest quality epicurean products directly to the consumer’s doorstep. For a decade, it has been selling to white tablecloth restaurants nationwide. Consumers can shop for fine bulk foods by meat cut, eating style, seasonal items and gifts. Other new Ritrovo products include a Collection of Fruit Vinegars and a Balsamic Collection. To ensure freshness, most products are shipped via Federal Express overnight.

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