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Twitter Updates for 2008-11-26

  • Mary: Only having two carbs for Thanksgiving (mashed potatoes and dressing). Trying a new veggie recipe – I love to experiment on family. #
  • Mary: Walk or go to the gym? I push myself harder at the gym. The gym is the winner today — too cold outside. No time tomorrow. #
  • Karyn: Ate a sweet potato for breakfast with a dab of butter and sprinkling of cinnamon. Who needs the marshmallows? #
  • Mary: Heading to the grocery store – with list in hand. Best way to avoid over buying. #
  • Mary: Think of meat as a garnish, a side item – anything to minimize its importance in your diet so you eat more veggies & fruit. Healthier #
  • Mary: Not having pie this year for Thanksgiving. Hubbie’s B-Day is same day. He requested chocolate cake. Making it from scratch. #

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