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Tailgating: Cleveland Browns 11/23/2008

       Today, I went to another infamous browns game. Everyone was partying before, tried to enjoy the game, and become hopeless after the browns again, were loosing another game in this sad season.

       I try to come out on occasion and support them. I get dressed up in all my gear, go tailgate before hand, and enjoy myself, but it is never the same anymore.

      But before I was disappointed, there was the tailgating. Obviously I don’t drink, since I am not 21, but I went to see what was going on and enjoy some food. I am not really into tailgating, but it was def. an experience. I talked to a couple of my mom’s friends, and I was informed they had been out there eating and drinking since 7 am, 7!!! I was really shocked to here, but decided to try some of the food.

         Food: where do I begin. The food was crazy. I had never seen so much food in one small area. The tent I was at had shrimp, scallops, burgers, sloppy joes, cakes, chips, baked beans and more. I was not that hungry but decided to try a burger. When I got my burger, it was almost one pound. It was rediculous! I was hungry, but there was no way I was going to eat that much meat. Besides it being expensive, that much meat for one burger is gross. This burger was probably almost three or four portions of meat.

         I did think it was nice they were cooking so much food, but a burger that big is not necessary. All the adults were drinking and eating like that since 7 am, I could not even imagine.

        I did enjoy my time tailgating, but do think the portions could have been smaller. That’s just too much!

Torie Nicholas

  1. Torie, thanks for sharing that! You sound so much like my 19 yr. old daughter Erin (see the CAL post here) I could hug you.

    I agree on hamburgers getting large/ridiculous. Also the meat “condiments” (bacon, pastrami, etc). Have you heard that the Carl’s Six Dollar Burger is 1,000 calories – which makes their Low Carb $6 Burger at 490 calories sound almost healthy.

    BTW, if you’re interested (or others) in making better sandwhich/burger choices by the way this site has most options listed with calories, fat, etc. Of course, this excludes college tailgate parties!


  2. Torie,
    I’m a former Ohioan but not much of a sports fan. As a kid, my dad took us to many of the Cleveland Indians games and I knew all the players names and stats from the baseball cards.

    Anyway I completely agree with you. Size does matter and bigger is not better. No wonder we have an obesity problem in this country.

    I really enjoy your posts and so glad that you’re an active participant.

  3. One way to approach the “oversized portion” of anything is to simply eat some and take home the rest. I often get 2-3 lunches out of my left over dinners, supplemented with fresh veggies.

    Although this could be hard to do if you can’t get it refrigerated soon enough — like when you are traveling.

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