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Juice Juice Juice!!

             I love Juice! Who doesn’t? Juice comes in a variet of flavors and is very tasty, but what kind of juice is the best. Juice has a lot of vitamins and minerals needed to be healthy, but it also has a lot of calories.

             I was in the grocery store, Giant Eagle, yesterday and looking for the best kind of juice and came around numerous kinds, but you can be tricked. I was in the mood for cranberry juice and started looking around. I found 5 or 6 brands, but only one was the “Good” juice. When I say “good” juice, I mean 100% juice. Juice that is actually juice. Not 10% juice added with a lot of sugar and other ingrediants.

           Juice is good, but I’m just saying that one should be careful and aware of what kind they are buying. If both taste good, I would rather enjoy it while getting nutrients and less calories out of my drink.

          Today, before the Browns Game, I stopped at the gas station and tried a new kind of juice. It was Pineapple Orange by Minute Made. Of course it was 100% juice, but it was also very tasty and refreshing. What are your favorite kinds of juice?

Torie Nicholas

  1. I like pure grapefruit juice, no sugar added and not made from concentrate. It’s not always easy to find. It’s also low glycemic as compared to orange juice or grape juice.

    At Trader Joe’s they have raspberry juice and blueberry juice. I have not tried them.

    One day when I was there they mixed half raspberry juice with half black tea. That’s a good way to get juice with half the calories and a little bit of caffeine.

    I tried mixing black tea (already prepared from the bottle/no sugar added) with spicy apple juice. It was a hit by the friends who were here to taste it.

    C’mon folks…tell us your favorite juice. Does anyone use a juicer?

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