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Save Money at the Grocery Store with Generic Store Brands

My husband does the grocery shopping and has been buying generic store brands for years.  It is a great way to save money and the selection is quite large.  This is a hot topic right now, with the financial crisis and all.  The Wall Street Journal had an article on it last week, saying that the trend is growing and frankly, people can’t tell the difference in the quality.  I agree.

We live in Ohio and Kroger’s is the big box grocery store where we do our grocery shopping.  Kroger’s generic brands are excellent quality.  But we have found an item or two where we do prefer the brand name.  Ketchup is one of these.  You can’t beat the taste of Heinz ketchup.  Kroger’s is too sweet.

Here’s a quick rundown of the Kroger generic brand items that I have in my refrigerator and/or pantry right now:

  • grated parmesan cheese in a can, worcestershire sauce, canned whipped cream, milk, nonfat yogurt, sour cream, canned tomatoes, canned tomato paste, canola cooking spray, paper towels, old fashioned oats, natural cane turbinado sugar, cocktail sauce, bite-sized shredded wheat, coffee filters, whole wheat spaghetti pasta.

Are you finding that you are buying more generic brands?   If so, I’d be interested in where you shop and which items you really really like as a substitute and which you don’t.

  1. I mostly shop in Trader Joe’s but when I actually go grocery shopping in a big box store, I buy the generic brands or whatever is on sale and don’t see a difference in old fashioned oatmeal ( which is such a deal) canned tomato products, canned fruits, and beans.

    I get my produce from Sunflower Markets and will only buy their canned goods when they have really good sales because they tend to be more expensive.

    I’m still a snob about coffee though.

    I would think generic sales are going through the roof right now.

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