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University of Toledo: Crutons Salads Yum Yum

      At the University of Toledo, there is a student union which contains various restaurants and a cafeteria. Besides the cafeteria, most of the restaurants are in a food court set up and the customers have to pay with cash or campus  dollars. Even though these places are tasty and make it very easy to get food on the go, they cost money.  I am not poor, but most students do not have extra money, especially when in college. But in this food court, the best restaurant ever, because it comes to go and is a meal swipe is CRUTONS!              

      Crutons is a salad place where you get to create your own salad. From fresh vegetables like carrots, broccoli and tomatoes, to cheeses and meat, this salad creation is a great place to go. Crutons is also great because it is healthy. You even get to pick between field greens, spinach or romaine for your lettuce.

     Crutons was a great choice the university made. I love the salads and get them everyday. The only catch is the salad dressing. The dressing usually ends up being the worse part, but light or fat free dressings is always tasty too. Crutons has added another addition to my healthy food choices here at the University of Toledo and I love it!

Torie Nicholas

  1. I’ve seen people pour a half cup of salad dressing on their salads! It completely negates the health benefits of the salad, in my opinion.

    I’ve gotten away from eating light or fat-free dressings. They are simply substituting sugar for the fat and this affects my body by making me hungry earlier than I should, later in the day.

    I heartily recommend using smaller amounts of regular salad dressings that use olive or canola oils — the healthy oils.

  2. So, I go to UT as well and have seen that place, do they charge like the 6 bucks to your rocket card? Or does it count as a meal swipe like the cafe’s do? That would be cool, but I’ve never had the urge to go ask. Hhaa

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