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University of Toledo Student Cafeteria Concerns


        College food is always very different from eating at home, but weekends are especially different. On the weekends at campus at the University of Toledo, only certain places are open to eat. Everyone has to eat, but when it comes to eating, I get lazy sometimes. For example, there is a cafeteria to eat at in my dorm, but it is not open on the weekends.

        I am usually pretty good about eating and walking to different dorms, but most of my roomates aren’t. They would rather eat chips or candy all day, instead of walking to another building. This I think causes a major problem and is one of the reasons I think all dorm cafeteria’s at UT should be open on weekends. Besides weekends, I feel they close too early. Eight is not early for dinner, but some classes on campus do not end until nine. What are those kids suppose to do when they get out of class??… eat something frozen or quick to make. This causes students to be unhealthy and not eat a balanced diet. Something needs to be done. For one, I have already asked and feel places should be open longer, but it is always up to the university. Now it’s not too bad, but I can only imagine during the winter… LAZY …lazy…lazy…

Torie Nicholas

  1. Dear Torie,
    I too am in college and know what you mean about being too lazy to always go out to find food. Fortunatly for me, the dining hall closest to my dorm has very accesible hours. Dinner is served until 9 pm, then closed for an hour before “late night” opens up. The cafeteria becomes more like a standard restuarant where you order each item for a certain price, instead of the regular open buffet set-up.
    But you are right about the need for access to healthy and balanced meals. All of the college students I have ever met have developed a lifestyle of staying up late and getting up late (if able). Since it would be hard to get UT to have later cafeteria hours, you and your roommates might want to invest in a mini frig. I have one in my dorm, and its great to buy fresh fruit and snacks that you have easy access to.
    Hope this helps,
    UCB student

  2. Thanks. Yea, it does help a lot. We have one but it is just hard without the dorm being open all the time. I do have a cafeteria in my dorm, but besides it closing at eight, it is also not open on the weekends, which makes it very inconvenient. But thanks again for your advice

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