Where Local and Global Appetites Collide

When is enough, enough?

I remember a couple years ago going to a Mexican restaurant with my brother and aunt. Even though my aunt was on a diet, she almost ate the whole container of chips because they were there and in front of her. I feel, at least for me, if food is in front of me, I will eat it more than not. This sounds bad and I don’t try to eat all the time, but if food is there, most eat. This weekend, I went to go eat with my boyfriend at the union. Even though neither of us were very hungry, I felt we should grab something small since we hadn’t eaten yet. So, we went to get food and planned on only eating a small portion. Next thing I knew, my boyfriends’ whole plate was gone, even after him saying he wasn’t that hungry. Again, proving my point that most people will eat food if it is there… So, in our society why would we eat when we aren’t even hungry? I wish I knew why everyone is different, and there are various reasons why, but if we can stop it, we should!!

Torie Nicholas

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