Where Local and Global Appetites Collide


MargaritaVille is a Mexican Restaurant located in Sandusky, Ohio. This past weekend, I went there to eat for dinner and it was a very cool restaurant. When you go in the main entrance, you walk down steps and eat overlooking the waterfall. This restaurant has a neat atmosphere, but what about the food? Mexican food is usually not on the healthy side, but it all depends on what you get. First, people always want more for their money, but is that always right or healthy? No…. chips are fried, but they are free… so why wouldn’t you eat them? … Because they are unhealthy. But besides the portion control of chips, what is healthy or not? My boyfriend and I ended up sharing fajitas, one of my favorites, but looking at the fajitas, what was good and what was bad? First, the tortilla shells are not that bad, but again, it is only bread. Eating one or two is not that bad, but they gave us nine for the two of us. Nine… who needs that many for two people. Besides the tortillas, there was a mixture of sautéed vegetables and meat. This was not too large of a portion, and was actually very healthy. I even asked them not to use oil or butter, so no additional fat would be added. Lastly, it came with rice and beans. Since these were only small portions, it was not bad, but why nine shells? If there is only a little meat and vegetables, why do you need so much bread? This is just one example of why Americans are fat. They eat at restaurants and what is there the most of, chips and tortillas, BREAD!

Torie Nicholas

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