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Candy Hut at Kalahari is Calling!

       I went to Kalahari this past weekend and it was a lot of fun. This indoor water park, along with restaurants, shops, and games, is a great place for families or just hanging out with your friends.  But when I first walked in the hotel, what did I see? I didn’t see the themed hotel, or slides from the water park; I didn’t even see the jaguar in the lobby. Instead, I saw the Candy Hut.

      The first thing I was drawn to was the Candy Hut, and it was calling me like a barker at a candy fair… carmel apples, fudge, chocolates, and hand dipped fruits.  All in front of my eyes tempting me.

      By placing the Candy Hut in the front of the hotel and being seen first when you walk it, it encourages people to buy candy. This is smart for the hotel, and with the variety of desserts, everyone can find something they like. But even though it is there, doesn’t mean you have to buy something….but it is vacation!

Torie Nicholas

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