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Thanksgiving: Let’s Talk Turkey

It’s that time when people are thinking about their Thanksgiving meal.

My best friend Mary Jo was telling me what she was going to make for that day. She lives in Northern Calif. so I’ll only get to hear about her meal.

She was telling me about putting her turkey on a bed of sliced onions and apples and stuffing the turkey’s cavity with that as well as sliced citrus. Tenting it with aluminum foil; somehow it all steams together and keeps the bird moist.

That sounds like poultry heaven to me.

I found a recipe and may try it with a roast chicken.

One important kitchen accessory  to have is a kitchen thermometer.

Remember it takes longer to cook a turkey with stuffing then without. One of the most common errors that people make is not allowing enough time for the turkey to thaw out prior to preparation. Do not thaw the turkey at room temperature as that is a bacteria fest waiting to happen.

Please share your  recipes and tips for roasting a turkey.

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