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Green Restaurant in Phoenix (Eating Vegan)

Two weeks ago I had to go to the Phoenix area for a speaking engagement.

I hate driving in Phoenix. It’s far worse than driving in Los Angeles. After numerous freeways, I found my destination (thanks to Mapqwest) but it was still no joy ride.

M. and I ended up at Green Restaurant to meet with another K., her stomping grounds. The streets are numered erractically. Good thing we were early because we ended up being late.

I did love this restaurant — Green Restaurant — tucked into the corner of  strip mall. Although I’m not a vegetarian or vegan, I love creative vegan food.

On the recommendation of K., I enjoyed a shroom BBQ po-boy which was strips of grilled portabello with caramelized onion and stir fried peppers on a generous french roll smothered with meatless BBQ sauce flavored with a hint of espresso. I opted for the coleslaw with tahini which was delicious. It was exotic and much better than mayo or vinegar dressing.

Everyone seemed to like their choices — I forget what they were now.

But the crowning glory was the tsoynami. It resembled a Dairy Queen blizzard but was soy soft serve enhanced by fruit or flavoring, herbs and spices, and other vegan goodies. K. had the mint which was over the top and M & I shared the mango, which was light. I bet chocolate would’ve been the best.

You don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy the Green Restaurant.

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