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Beyond Produce – 5 More Ways to Bring Organics Into Your Daily Diet

For many people, the word organic brings thoughts of plants and vegetables to mind. Of course, this is a big part of living a healthy organic lifestyle, but there are many other products available that are 100% certified organic that you can use in your daily life.

Organic Meats

Organic meats come in a wide variety of choices. These meats are produced without chemicals and hormones, and the animals are usually treated better than mass-produced feedlot livestock. Free range grass fed animals are a healthy alternative to what has been available on the market until fairly recently. Try organic meats and taste the difference.

Organic Dairy

Much like organic meats, organic dairy products are produced without feeding steroids and other harmful chemicals to animals. Organic milk, cheese, yogurt, and many other organic dairy products are readily available at most major retailers as well as in smaller outlets. Free your dairy intake of dangerous chemicals, steroids, and other unnatural additives.

Packaged Products

Want to eat organic on-the-go? There are many companies that produce organic snacks and other packaged products like chips and applesauce that are 100% organic and ready to take anywhere your life takes you. Organic canned good and other packaged products are becoming more widely available as well. Check your local store for these products and ask for them if they don’t carry them.


Did you know that even your daily multivitamins are full of unnecessary chemicals and unnatural preservatives? Take a look in the supplement aisle and look for USDA Certified Organic supplements to help eliminate any extraneous chemicals from your daily regimen. Vegetarian and vegan alternatives are usually available as well, depending on your chosen lifestyle.


Many companies out there produce organic beverages to meet the ever-growing demand for organic products. Organic juices, sodas, and even beer and wine are available at most major grocery chains. These additive-free alternatives will leave you satisfied and wondering why you hadn’t made the switch to all things organic sooner.


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