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Passing Out Candy

I know I have written posts before about candy, but this Halloween I especially agree with the posts I wrote. I was passing out candy this year at  my boyfriend’s parents house, and so I got to witness all the kids with cute costumes. So when I think of Halloween, I think of kids dressing up, going around to houses to get candy. But with the candy, comes the traditions and friendly neighbors and saying "trick of treat". But NO, nothing like this, this year. I was so shocked when I saw parents not even conversing or enjoying Halloween. Most of the kids I gave candy too did not even say trick or treat, and just assumed they would get candy. I understand kids want candy, but can’t they be polite? And its not like I was in a bad area, it was Twinsburg. But needless to say, kids need to be more polite or they will not be getting candy. And on top of that, why do kids need so much candy to be happy on Halloween. I think we need to start thinking of other treats on Halloween to pass out so kids can be healthier. It has been shown kids only should eat a piece or two a day, but looking at my cousins, they eat ten to twenty or more pieces on Halloween night. What does that say about our society and parenting today?

Torie Nicholas

  1. I ran into the same thing this year. We even had some parents chauffering kids around in a golf cart so they could hit more houses. Except for them, I did see other kids running from house to house — probably the only exercise the got this week.

    What I do is make them say “Trick-or-Treat” before they get anything.

    You are right about it being a parenting issue. It is the parent’s fault for not teaching them these traditions – and traditions are important.

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