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Healthy Food Blog: Just Say No to Buffalo Wings

Have you noticed how many chicken wing joints have sprung up in the last few years?

In the city I live in, there must be at least a half dozen.

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend’s teenage daughter who actually thought that buffalo wings were a health food.

Say what?

She thought that chicken was healthy and most of the time it is considered healthy but not when it’s been deep fried throughout ever inch of its past life and then dipped in a rich high fat sour cream/mayo  bleu cheese dressing. The only thing healthy is the few celery sticks frequently served in the basket.

Just how fattening is buffalo wings?

  1. In addition to the growing number of wing restaurants, you can find them on the menu of every restaurant and almost every pizza joint around. What happens to the rest of the chicken? The healthier parts?

    I used to eat Buffalo wings almost every chance I got. My husband and I would stop after work and it was nothing for us to scarf down large orders of wings for “dinner.” In addition to being fattening, they frequently caused me to wake up in the middle of the night with severe heartburn. Besides, after eating all that grease and fat, we’d go home and sit around all evening. Recently, I’ve seen the light . . . light eating, that is. I’ve been generally watching my calories, though not going to the extremes of counting them. I’ve added exercise to my life and increased my energy. I get a lot more done.

    I’ve been feeling so much better that I no longer even want to eat a Buffalo wing. Just looking at the greasy things turns my stomach. My husband continues to order them out, but remembering that heartburn and that heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach, I’m not even tempted to have one. Sometimes I do eat his celery.

  2. sstruthers – good for you! You listened to your body telling you that it was not feeling right. I am so glad that you are on the road to better health. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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