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Organic Food for Babies, Adults & Pets

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I know that organic food is important to many of you. I find myself eating more and more of it myself because of the uncertainty of what is in our food these days.

Well, I found a beautiful organic food website that has everything from organic baby food and organic canned goods to organic pet food.

They also “tweet”. Visit them at http://Twitter.com/shopOrganic.

  1. Thanks for the resource – I’m a big fan of organics (and this blog) but haven’t been able to find a company online that I liked. I checked out this site and was blown away by how nice it looks (especially compared to others out there) and by the diversity of the products they carry.

    I especially like the tabs that have ingredients and nutrition info – that’s important to me and my family – and the detailed descriptions. i find myself doing most of my online shopping at night after we put the kids to bed – so tonight my wife and I can click around the site together – better than tv and it makes shopping together fun (ok, I’m a bit of a dope but I love my wife)….

    Thanks again for turning my family onto this site-

  2. Josh, thanks for visiting. Good point about the nutrition information. I remember the day when this did not exist on our food packaging. Sometimes, government has some good ideas.

  3. I only feed my kids organic meals. I have two son’s and one daughter and they love the organic meals we feed them. I also checked out the website and it’s awesome. I have a dog name Charlie, so I’m going to buy the organic dog food for her. But what I’ve noticed on the website is that they don’t have organic entrees for kids, because currently my twin boys actually eat meals from a company called Greenie Tots and they actually offer great organic meals for kids. Heck, sometimes I eat their meals. They get mad at me, but sometimes I can’t help. The food tastes really good, anyway check out their website at http://www.greenietots.com. But thanks for resource and I think the blog is great. Keep up the good work.

    Roy P.

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