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Student Union @ Toledo

Since I go to The University of Toledo, it has been getting cold outside this past month. It is not even the worst weather yet, and I already hate walking across campus for class. Before the cold weather, I had no problem walking to the Student Union to grab something healthy to eat, but since the cold, I have been eating at the same place in my dorm for every meal, everyday. Since it is a cafeteria, they usually have a lot of food to offer, some being healthy, but then you also get those off days. During those days, I feel like there is nothing good to eat, and I will be forced to eat whatever is down in the cafeteria. I know this sounds silly to not walk to get food, but it gets really cold here, and walking in the winter sucks! So since I am being lazy, it in turn makes me more unhealhty from the bad food and lack of walking, but at least I  have a cafeteria in my dorm. A lot of my friends do not have anything in their dorms, so instead of going out to the student union to eat, they eat frozen food, chips, or whatever they have canned…= UNHEALTHY!!

Torie Nicholas

  1. I remember walking in the cold in my college days. It is not fun. Just bundle up with a scarf, hat, and mittens. You may not look the coolest, but you’ll be getting exercise and staying warm.

    Perhaps you can double up trips to make the walk more worthwhile — like going to the gym on campus before hitting the student union. Make friends with some more cold-hearty students in your dorm and use their adventurous spirit to get you moving!

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