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Rumors Restaurant

Today for breakfast, I went to Rumors, a casual restaurant in Toledo. My boyfriend and I ate there because it was ½ off all breakfasts, and I didn’t have a lot of money to be wasting. But when we got there and ordered, it was packed, so I assumed the food would be good. When our food came, I was shocked. The portions were so large; I found it crazy that people were actually eating their whole portions. My boyfriend Erik got an omelet. This omelet literally had enough meat for a family to eat. Besides that, it was no joke, almost a foot long. It was ridiculous. It did taste good, but this restaurant made me wonder why everyone would get their own meal, and not just share. Then I started to look at the menu… If someone shared an entrée, they charged $1 to share it. Most of the breakfasts were only two or three dollars when they were half off, so you could either pay $1 to share food, or get an additional meal for a dollar or two more. Doesn’t that seem tempting? Next, I noticed it costs 25 cents for a to-go box. I know that is not a lot of money, but think about someone being cheap. Wouldn’t you rather finish that last pancake or piece of bacon, instead of paying to take it home? This restaurant was very good, but I think places like this encourage Americans to eat more than they need. Yes, the breakfast was a very good deal, but couldn’t it be cheaper and in return you get less food? It would sure be healthier, and a better portion that way. I don’t see why after so many Americans having weight problems, nothing would be done to try and fix it.

Torie Nicholas

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