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Passing Out Candy

Halloween is Friday!! And with Halloween, comes Trick or Treating. Kids everywhere walk around the neighborhoods looking to gain lots of candy. When I was young, I would get so excited if I got an extra piece of candy or a large piece of candy. I was like any kid. But now, with the obesity rate up, why does Halloween have to be solely centered around candy? One of my neighbors was a dentist, and instead of  out candy, he gave out a toothbrush and toothpaste. Most kids do not like the idea of getting something besides candy for Halloween, but what if candy was the odd item. I think we should start giving out healthier options for Trick Or Treaters. Candy can still be given out to some extent, but how much candy do kids really need?

Torie Nicholas

  1. what are some fun options for kids? stickers, pencils, stuff like that? I did a little better than candy this year with mini bags of animal crackers. I got them more so I wouldn’t eat them!

  2. Emmer, I love animal crackers, so that would not work for me.

    Last year, my husband bought regular old Bic pens for us to hand out. It got mixed reviews. One little boy (age 4) was delighted. His Dad wasn’t.

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