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Healthy Food Alternatives

Junk Food is eaten everywhere, especially at college. But I have found a few things to try when I’m hungry, and don’t want to pick up a bag of chips.

1. Pop corn is not that bad for you when it is cooked the right way. The first thing you can do it buy an air popper. This pops the popcorn without an butter or oil. The other way, and easier if you don’t have an air popper, is to buy non fat, healthy pop corn. It comes in a variety of different brands, and is a lot healthier than regular popped popcorn.

2. Another option is eating fruit or vegetables instead of unhealthy food. This probably sounds stupid to most people, but the difference between an apple, or chips everyday is a lot of calories and fat that is unneeded.

These are just two of my healthy options, but there are  options and ways to be healthy. You can even find dessert recipes that are lo-fat online. My best dessert trick is using applesauce instead of oil with cakes and cupcakes. I think it makes the cakes more moist, and it way better for you than oil.

Torie Nicholas

  1. Great ideas. Here are a few more…

    Buy a big bag of almonds from the cooking section of the grocery store. I eat 7 as a snack and it keeps me satisfied. Great to put in a baggie in your pocket in between classes.

    Whole Wheat Triscuits are really good as a snack too. This helps satisfy a salt craving.

    The main thing is to not get too hungry — then your defenses are down. It is easier to resist a bag of chips when you are not starving or if you have a healthy alternative with you, just in case.

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