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Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Beats Starbucks Coffee

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Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks? Americans have made their coffee choice clear, and there is now a winner in the battle of the brews.

Today, Dunkin’ Donuts announced that an independent taste test of coffee drinkers across ten major U.S. markets shows a significant majority of participants preferred Dunkin’ Donuts coffee over Starbucks.

If you are interested in the survey’s details, here they are:

A&G Research, Inc., under the counsel of claims test advisor Al Ossip, conducted the taste test in May and June in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, and Starbucks’ home turf, Seattle.  476 adults, each of whom had consumed regular, hot brewed coffee within the past week, participated in this double-blind taste test. 


For the test, A&G Research used fresh packaged coffee purchased in each brand’s stores, tested each brand’s most popular flavor (Dunkin’ Donuts Original Blend versus Starbucks House Blend), brewed the coffee using equipment recommended by each brand and served it black.


A&G says that the study results clearly indicate a preference for Dunkin’ Donuts:

  • Among all participants, 54.2% preferred Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, compared to 39.3% who chose Starbucks. 6.3% expressed no preference.
  • Of those participants who did have a preference, 58% favored Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, versus 42% for Starbucks.

Consumers are invited to learn more about Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee at a new website, www.DunkinBeatStarbucks.com, beginning today.

  1. Wow. This is very interesting but I can understand. Some starbucks across the nation have been closing due to lack of profit. I wonder if it more about the taste of Dunkin Donuts coffee, or that the price of starbucks is so high.

  2. My brother raves about Dunkin’ Donuts coffee but I bought some one day and couldn’t even drink it – disgustingly weak. I would try again thought. We used to have 2 DD but now have one. Perhaps bag for bag, DD is better as I know people who buy it online.

    I find that Viennese roast is too light for my french roast tastebuds.

    As for coffee, I like Arbuckles and Raging Sage, two small local roasters in Tucson the best.

  3. I don’t like Starbucks coffee — too strong, even after I add all my extras. Initially, I would go there because I liked their decor — all modern and hip. But the problem is that they all look alike. There is something to be said for the mom and pop coffee shop that is unique. I am now following my taste buds.

  4. I just wanted to drop a quick note saying how much we appreciate Circle of Food mentioning our taste test victory. Obviously, it’s something we’re proud of. Since you pretty much put all the details right here in the post, I really don’t have much to add. Just sayin’ thanks.

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