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Cleveland Farmers Market

I am home from college for the weekend and my family and I decided to make a trip up to the Cleveland Farmers Market. I love the market, and there are always lots of fruits and vegetables for good prices. I know it is a farther drive from our house than a regular grocery store, but the food prices are hard to beat. We got six containers of strawberries for four dollars. At the grocery story, one container is around three or four dollars. In addition, at the market, there are unusual fruits and vegetables that are hard to find in the grocery store. I think the farmers market is a great place and I think there should be more because it helps people get more fruits and vegetables, and other healthy items for a cheaper price, making it easier to eat healthy on a limited budget.

Torie Nicholas

  1. Torie,
    Thank you for the post.
    When you buy from local farmers, you help the local economy. Fruits and vegetables also taste better because most likely they have been more recently picked. At a grocery store, the produce is picked in advance and ripens along the journey then sits in bins waiting for shelf space. Produce that ripens on the tree, vine, and ground tastes better then produce that ripens along the journey.

  2. Plus, I think our economy could use any help it can get right now… Especially because of the Stock Market right now.

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